Project Layali is a not-for-profit social enterprise. We create small businesses that employ refugees and migrants in Athens, Greece.

Our project's three pronged approach to helping refugees and migrants:

A sustainable MODEL

Instead of relying solely on charitable donations to create social impact, Project Layali builds self-sufficient income-generating businesses that employ refugees and migrants.

permanent jobs

Well-paid jobs allow refugees and migrants to enjoy independent lifestyles without assistance from NGO's. Our model frees up resources at existing charitable organizations for others in need.


Project Layali aims to increase understanding of the important role migrants and refugees play in Greece's future.  Our locations share the highlights of Middle Eastern and African cultures.

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Every dollar we raise helps create long term sustainable solutions for refugees in Greece.

Project Layali's First Three Ventures:


Layali Salon

Opening in September 2018, Layali Salon will provide hair, nail, and beauty services to customers Athens' Agios Panteleimonas' neighborhood. Layali salon aims to provide four permanent jobs to female refugees in its first year of operation.


Cafe Zenobia

Cafe Zenobia will be a small cafe-restaurant in the center of Athens. The menu will offer an eclectic mix of traditional Middle Eastern, African, and Greek dishes.


Layali Hotel

Operated in tandem with Cafe Zenobia, Layali Hotel will offer specialized boutique accommodation to international tourists in Athens.

Coming Soon...

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Learn More & Meet the Team:

In Arabic, Layali means “my nights.” This phrase is often used in a nostalgic manner when describing old times in a positive light. As Project Layali aims to bring a piece of foreign culture to Athens, it will be a great place to remember past “Layali.” In addition, we hope that our customers and guests will in the future remember the nights they spent with us as Layali.

Every dollar we raise helps create long term sustainable solutions for refugees in Greece.

Project Layali is a registered KOINSEP under Greek law. 100% of the project's profits are recycled into creating permanent jobs and apprenticeship opportunities for migrants and refugees in Greece.